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Discovered by the American physicist John Ellis in 1866, Valvoline products respond to the needs of all vehicle users. Dinamic 92 distributes in Romania a diverse range of Valvoline motor oils and lubricants for passenger cars, trucks and agro-industrial vehicles. With a 150-year experience, Valvoline continues to innovate and bring to market high-quality products with state-of-the-art additive technologies. Engine oils help improve performance and meet the demands for low fuel consumption and emissions. The products are stable at extreme temperatures, ensure correct lubrication at low temperatures and reduce the formation of residues - mud, ash.

Introducing POWERDIN, a new Dinamic 92 brand! Powerdin batteries give your car more power and resilience. The lead plates technology on which they base, ensures higher durability in load and use cycles, than the competing brands. The unique alloy of calcium-silver products ensures protection against corrosive agents. The batteries have an ergonomic shape, are environmentally friendly and provide safety in use. Leakproof and also usable as combined batteries (power-on and power-feed).